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 Orogenic Resources Sdn. Bhd. strives to provide the best service in providing technological leading edge solutions through consultative and proactive service. Solutions are sourced and proposed with full understanding of the client’s needs and concerns, leveraging technology and value-added expertise achieved through reasonable financial investment.

Orogenic Resources main services: 


E&P Asset Management - Physical

  • E&P Warehouse Management


    Orogenic Resources provides a systematic offsite data and core storage management system for most oil & gas company in Malaysia and abroad. Our system fully adopts best practices in providing excellent facilities and safety while maintaining the quality and the integrity of data secrecy.

 E&P Asset Management - Digital

  • Data Recovery


    1- Media Transcription
    Equipped with extensive industrial experience in media transcription for oil and gas industry providing the latest technology and cost effective solution, Orogenic Resources provide the full range of services related to reformatting, listing, and extracting files, curves and depth ranges for various types of media format and condition.
    2- Digitizing (Well Log, Seismic and Map)
    With our vast experience in this area, Orogenic Resources provides the full spectrum of digitizing services of relevant format for Well Log, Seismic and Topographical requirement including data verification for quality purposes. The critical output format is in accordance to various industrial data standards and format. Header information can be edited and augmented.
    3- Well Log / Seismic Data Transcription
    Orogenic Resources had gained much experienced in Well Log and Seismic data transcription, with satisfied clients on the quality and output delivered. Various output format and additional header information in accordance to various data standards and format able to be produced with the state-of-the-art software technologies available from the company principles.
    4- Document Scanning and Reproduction
    Orogenic Resources also provides cataloguing and scanning services for various hardcopy documents, reports and Observes Logs into digital format plus additional reading features such as book-marking and hypertext link enhancing document viewing. Large documents such as maps, drawings, seismic sections and well logs can be scanned regardless of size; our services also include reproduction and duplications of various types of document and media. 

  • System Integrations and Software Development


    1- System Integration & Development
    Orogenic combines a continuum of consulting, systems integration and IT management and business process services with oil and gas expertise to help organizations create agile and cost-effective infrastructures.
    2- GIS
    Orogenic leverages on the experience and technical and technical aptitude to integrate dynamic spatial data in a geographic context using the latest commercial solutions (ESRi, Google Earth Enterprise, Lynx Information Systems and OpenSpirit to name a few).
    We design, build, and implement enterprise systems to allow analysts and decision makers to visualize business, tactical, and intelligence information over a map or digital imagery. Our knowledgeable and certified staff has a proven track record of developing and integrating custom geospatial solutions and geographic information systems (GIS) across multiple platforms and environments.

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Laboratory Services

Cutting a core from a reservoir is the most direct way to determine reservoir properties and to provide accurate input for a geological model. In our Shah Alam premises we offer services that are relevant for both exploration and production phase. Orogenic-PanTerra offers services in six different disciplines/areas:

  • Conventional Core Analysis

    In oil and gas exploration, fast and accurate data is often needed to make operational decisions. In our Conventional Core Analysis department we have the capacity to quickly measure various rock properties on large amounts of samples. This data is subsequently used for reservoir characterization and petrophysical calibration.

We have a full range of equipment and skilled staff available for conventional core analysis. Our laboratory is geared up to handle large amounts of core and to process these in a timely fashion. Analyses can be performed on drill cuttings, sidewall samples and plug samples, up to full diameter core samples.

  • Special Core Analysis

    A special core analysis program can be performed in order to obtain parameters for log calibration (e.g. electrical properties m & n), and to make a prediction of flow potential and saturation distributions (capillary pressure, wettability). All the above parameters are required for of hydrocarbon reserve estimates.

Analysis offered include Capillary Pressure tests, Electrical Properties, Wettability studies, Relative permeability studies

  • PVT Analysis

    Using state-of-the-art mercury-free phase behaviour hardware and software, we provide customized solutions for all your reservoir fluid properties needs. Our equipment is versatile and can handle black and volatile oils, or gas-condensate systems equally well. Samples can be separator samples, wellhead, cased or open hole samples.

With our reservoir fluid behaviour rig (175 C and 10,000 psi), we can do experiments like constant mass depletion, differential liberation, constant volume depletion, separator test etc.

Full suite of analysis include: Fluid compositions, Bubble point, Dew point, Retrograde gas condensate, Gas oil ratio (GOR) and formation volume factor (FVF), Viscosity and density at reservoir conditions, Fluid Compressibility, Separator FVF and GOR, Water analysis, Paraffin and asphaltene content of well deposits.

  • Sedimentology & Petrography

    Sedimentology studies involve (among others) detailed core description, interpretation of lithofacies and the development of a depositional model. Other tools such as petrography, thin section analysis, SEM and XRD analysis can further refine the interpretation of the reservoir quality and diagenetic history of the reservoir. By integration and correlation of data with other disciplines, sequence stratigraphic analysis can be performed as well.

  • Biostratigraphy

Biostratigraphy is the branch of science that apply of plant and animal fossils to date and correlate strata in order to reveal Earth history, combining the principles of paleontology and stratigraphy. In the petroleum industry, biostratigraphy often denotes the use of terrestrial (pollen and spores) and marine (diatoms, foraminifera, nannofossils) microfossils to determine the absolute or relative age and depositional environment of a particular formation, source rock or reservoir of interest. Our Biostratigraphy analysis comprise Palynological, Micropaleontology and Calcareous Nannoplankton. 

  • Geochemistry

    Geochemistry is the study of the chemistry of the Earth. In the petroleum industry, source rock geochemistry is a major focus. Geochemical techniques can determine whether a given source rock is rich enough in organic matter to generate hydrocarbons, whether the source rock has matured and generated hydrocarbons, and whether a particular oil sample was generated by a given source rock. Our services include Source Rock Evaluation, Gas Condensate, Crude Oil & Oil Seep Characterization and Reservoir Geochemistry Analyses. Source Rock Evaluation includes the analyses of the Total Organic Carbon Content (TOC), Rock Eval pyrolysis, Kerogen typing, Vitrinite Reflectance (VRo) and Thermal Alteration Index (TAI). 

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GYROSCOPE Survey services

  • Gyroscope Application
Gyroscope Survey Services division provides underground wellbore survey to the Oil and Gas industry. The division's enabling tool; the Inertial Navigation System (INS), is the latest and the most rugged gyroscope to be built to date, made its fashionable debut in Asia in 2008 by Orogenic Resources Sdn Bhd.
Revolutionized the field of data capturing in the drilling activities, the latest INS gyro measures the movement instead of depth, inclination and azimuth; which was customarily employed by its traditional nemesis. With this exclusive measurement operates over a distance at a tick of time, the gyro is able to reach for accuracy as close to reality, thus, eliminates 'Minimum Curvatures' inherits in mathematical discrepancies. 
Its specially designed rugged housing is acclimatized to withstand pounding pressure, freezing temperature and scorching heat, in what realm life seems implausible in the underground. Its seafaring life belongs to the oil rig and platform and it has survived numerous projects during the test of time.
Operation Mode:

Singleshot Survey:      

Gyro is put to a stop at a designated depth to perform surveying activities.

Multishot Survey:       

Gyro continuously takes survey data while advancing either from vertical   diving position or horizontal scudding across position, from all angles and in all directions.

Orientation Survey:    

Gyro is put to a stop at survey station to undergo gyrocompass alignment. 

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  • Steady State / Transient Analysis

    Steady state and transient simulation of multiphase well, pipeline, riser systems, production networks, injection systems including deepwater and subsea development for design and operation purposes.

  •  System Optimization / Debottlenecking Analysis  

    Optimisation and debottlenecking analysis to identify constraints in oil and gas integrated production networks to optimize production, maximum revenue, reduce capital investment as well as operating expenditure for higher productivity and efficiency.

  • Flow Assurance Operability Study

    Specific requirement to predict flow assurance challenges such as Slugging, Hydrate, Wax / Asphaltene, Erosion, Corrosion, Emulsion, Scaling phenomena in transportation and production systems.

  •  Advance Flow Assurance laboratory

    Laboratory services for hydrocarbon properties such as Wax, Emulsion, Scale, Hydrate, Asphaltene, and Corrosion including chemical screening and compatibility studies.

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Strategic Partnership & Product Outsourcing

  • Manpower

Orogenic Resources represents a number of companies in providing industrial specialists concerning to client requirement. Some of our Principals are Logica, Fugro-Jason, Energy Quest (sister company), etc.

  • Software

Being appointed as a local strategic partner to several international software developer and system integrator such as Fugro-Jason, Midland Valley and Seicmic Micro Technology entitled Orogenic as one of the reliable dealer and agent in oil & gas sector.

  • Trading

With sufficient previous experience in assisting our client’s IT and Office Services requirement, we are capable in handling variety of product requisition through an appropriate outsourcing process which numerously related to IT Hardware & Software and Office Equipment & Furniture. We stretched our Trading Business & Other Products into the Government Departments & Financial Bodies. As the saying goes The Sky is the Limit, we are aggressive and very fully concentrate on the projects we undertake

  • Fire Suppression System

    ANSUL® SAPPHIRE™ and MARINE SAPPHIRE™ featuring 3M NOVEC 1230, ANSUL® INERGEN® systems protect enclosed areas where there is a need for quick reaction to a fire, where people may be present, where fire may strike day or night, and where damage from conventional agents cannot be tolerated. This environment-friendly, people-safe agent boasts ZERO ozone depletion potential, ZERO global warming potential, and ZERO atmospheric lifetimes).

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