Orogenic Resources Sdn Bhd

Orogenic Resources Sdn Bhd


GeoCore’s services support every stage in the development of offshore, nearshore and onshore facilities. These include geotechnical investigations to provide information required by engineers for the design and fabrication of offshore platforms, jack up installation, pipelines and cables, and to support dredging, reclamation and other civil works.

GeoCore’s specialized services include: 

  • Onshore, Nearshore & Offshore geotechnical investigations
  • Engineering analysis for foundation study and design
  • Seabed PCPT, Vibro-Coring and Gravity Core Sampling
  • Pile Monitoring Services
  • Geo-hazard shallow gas desk study
  • Soil Laboratory Testing


Offshore geotechnical services are carried out using GeoCore’s dedicated geotechnical vessel, MV Trinity Explorer, which is equipped with a drilling rig that is heave compensated. The drilling rig is installed over a central moonpool at the midship of vessel, which is equipped with a 4 point mooring system for anchor positioning to ensure stability and verticality during drilling and testing operations.


MV Trinity Explorer is equipped with soil sampling equipment, AP van den Berg in-situ testing Wison PCPT equipment, downhole vane shear test equipment, and onboard laboratory for soil testing in accordance with British and ASTM Standard procedures.


GeoCore’s OGC25 Dando 1000 offshore drilling rig operates on MV Trinity Explorer but can be readily mobilized and set up onto any vessel of opportunity such as DP2 Class vessels when required.






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