Orogenic Geoexpro Sdn Bhd

Orogenic Geoexpro Sdn Bhd



  • Vessel Precise Surface Navigation and Positioning
  • Acoustic Precise Navigation and Positioning
  • Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems (DGNSS) for vessel navigation and other precise positioning applications
  •  Vessel Tracking System (VTS) to monitor and display the positions of vessels in real time.
  • Remote Positioning (RP) Services for anchor positioning support to workboats and barges.
  • Barge/Tug Management System (BMS) for rigs and work tenders move.

One of OGEO’s main focuses is the provision of navigation and positioning services in which has been providing rig , workboat and barge positioning services to PETRONAS Carigali since year 2006 and also in support of the oil and gas industry in this region.

 In order to provide efficient and cost-effective services, OGEO maintains a pool of highly qualified field personnel and utilizes the most up-to-date equipment and software applications through its association with VERIPOS DGPS and QINSy QPS Software.


  • Bathymetric and Seafloor Mapping
  • Analogue Geophysical Site Hazard Survey
  • 2D High Resolution Digital Seismic Survey
  • Pipeline and Cable Route Engineering Survey

OGEO has a long track record in providing hydrographical and geophysical services in this region. Apart from the long term Hydrographic Survey Contract awarded by ExxonMobil Malaysia and Brunei Shell Petroleum, OGEO also provides bathymetric survey services, harbor and coastal survey services, pre-engineering survey services, hazard/debris survey services, pipeline route survey services and seabed clearance survey services to the rest of the clients on ad-hoc basis.

With its fully equipped vessel, MV Genesis, OGEO is also providing full-blown analogue geophysical and 2D HR digital seismic survey services to its clients.

OGEO operates a modern data centre in Kuala Lumpur to deal with the processing, interpretation and reporting of the field data acquired in the field.


  • Structural Positioning and Orientation
  • Vessel Tracking and Anchor Handling Operations
  • Structural Dimension Survey and Control
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

OGEO has extensive experience in construction survey support services. With strong partnership and supports from major equipment and ROV providers, OGEO has successfully completed numerous high profiles offshore installation projects in this region.


  • Tidal, Wave and Current Measurement and Analysis
  • Wind Monitoring and Analysis
  • Environmental Sampling

Accurate metocean information is crucial for all activities in the marine environment, in order to ensure optimum, safe and cost effective designs and operations.

OGEO’s investments in latest technological advanced equipment and human capital have allowed OGEO to offer a comprehensive range of services for shallow and deepwater applications to its clients. In collaboration with Metocean Services Pty. Ltd., OGEO is confident in meeting its clients’ needs and requirements.


Autodesk AutoCAD Charting Software

AutoChart charting

QINSy hydrographic applications

Edgetech Discovery SB3200 Ver 1.01

Edgetech Discover 4200 Ver 150

C-Max MaxView Ver MV464

CODA DA100/200 geophysical data acquisition and interpretation

Veripos Ultra and Standard DGPS Receivers

Trimble GPS Receivers

TSS Meridian Gyro Compass

Trimble GPS Heading

KVH Fluxgate Compass

CSI Vector Heading

SATEL and Pacific Crest UHF Radio Modem

Topcon Survey Total Station and Automatic Level

Analogue Equipments.

Odom and Marimatech Single Beam Echo Sounder

Kongsberg Multi Beam Echo Sounder

Reson 8101/7101 Seabat Multibeam Echo Sounder

Sonardyne USBL and LBL System

Edgetech 4100/4200 Side Scan Sonar System

CMAX Digital Side Scan Sonar System

Edgetech 3300HM Full Spectrum Chirp, Hull Mounted 4x4 array Sub-Bottom Profiling System.

Edgetech 3200XS Sub Bottom Profiling System c/w SB-512i & SB-216S Sub Tow Vehicle.

Applied Acoustic Easytrak USBL System

Applied Acoustic Boomer & Sparker Systems

Valeport or Nortek Aquadopp Current Meters

RDI’s Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Sontek Acoustic Current Profiler

RBR & Valeport Tide Measuring Profiler

2D HR Equipment & software

Hydroscience Technologies SeaMux NTRS-2 Ver. A.4a Recording System:-

1) Running on Window XP Professional operating system.

2) Real time recording up to 24 streamer, 1920 Active channels & 48 Auxillary channels.

3) Support recording rates of 0.5ms, 1ms, 2ms & 4ms.

4) Recording Format – SEG-D 8036 Rev 1.0

Hydroscience Technologies SeaMux Digital Array

1)    150 meters, 12 channel, 24 bit modules & Bi-Directional active section with distributed acoustic streamer.

2)    12.5 meter hydrophone group.

3)    Up to 2000 + channels per streamer @ 2ms & 12km in length.

Geospace Technologies Cable Leveller System (Birds)

1)    Geospace Navigator Bird c/w built-in Fluxgate Compass.

Max operating depth 35m

2)    Bird SIU (Streamer Interface Unit) Modem

3)    Streamer Retriever model SRD-500.

Seismic Source

1)    Sercel GI Air Gun – 210 cuin, 150 cuin & 90 cuin

2)    3000psi Cummins Air Compressor – Model QMS-11 - 190 CMF Diesel Drive Self Contained.

3)    5000psi Price Air Compressor – Model W5 – 200scfm Diesel Drive Self Contained.


100HP Work Class ROV System





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