International Logging Orogenic Sdn Bhd

International Logging Orogenic Sdn Bhd



To provide international energy sector with superior Mud Logging (Geological Well Logging, Formation Evaluation/Engineering), and Well-Site Consultancy Services.


  • Mud Logging and Formation Evaluation / Engineering Services.
  • Well-Site Geologist.
  • GeoPressure Prediction.
  • Drill String Vibration Monitor.


  • Conventional hydrocarbon gas analysis
  • Geological visual descriptive logs from well cuttings and core
  • Geopressure geological & petrophysical data and analysis
  • Geosteering; using geological observation to affect directional drilling management
  • Well status monitoring; drilling, tripping well kill data collection and analysis
  • Drilling and petroleum engineering analysis and optimization reports  
  • Data communications
  • OGL strongly believes that today, the information provided by high technology Mud Logging in many cases,is not only considered as a Geologist's tool but is useful :
    • in improving safety at the well-site
    • in reducing drilling costs
    • to evaluate reservoirs


Field personnel are all highly qualified graduate geologists or engineers, each with several years of logging experience.Their knowledge, along with having worked in several countries and being exposed to various geological sections and operational environments, provides the client with the confidence that their well-site operations will be competently performed.


Engineered by Professionals

The logging unit is a proven design developed as the result of more than 40 years experience with unit engineering, manufacturing and maintenance.  Every feature from the rugged corrugated shell to the ergonomic interior is well thought out to provide a rugged, safe and comfortable working environment.

Each Logging unit features:

  • Rugged skid mounted construction
  • Intrinsically safe electrical system
  • Choice of main power volts and frequencies
  • UPS backup
  • Pressurized and explosion proof with automatic power shutdown
  • Interior combustible gas alarm
  • Interior emergency lighting system
  • Escape hatch
  • Dual air conditioning units
  • Convenient spacious interior including engineer workstation, geologist work area, sample preparation area and work area for company geologist
  • Ample storage space - Unit Dimensions: Length-27 feet, Width-8 feet, Height-8.5 feet, Weight (Loaded)-10 tons.

Spacious And Practical

The logging unit interior is designed with close attention to detail and several advanced features to ensure an optimal working environment.  Standing inside the unit gives the impression that the unit is much larger than its true physical dimensions. Counter and storage space is plentiful and supplies are always easily accessible.


The engineer's workstation is responsible for the logging unit's online functions including:

  • Main power control
  • Pressurization and automatic shut down   
  • Gas pneumatics   
  • Gas analysis
  • Drill Logic System data acquisition, storage and remote data monitors
  • Sensor inputs/Safety barriers/Signal conditioning   
  • Hydrogen Generation   
  • Chart recorders






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